Rapid prototyping

Reducing multiple trial and error prototype runs…

Reliaheat® proprietary prototyping software is a powerful tool that allows Reliatrace® to “plug in” your application and dimensional criteria to quickly calculate electrical, mechanical and thermodynamic parameters, allowing us to ensure the initial feasibility of your heater design right from the start.

Our software provides:

  • Extremely fast turn-around for design, drawings and prototypes

  • Accurate cost estimates early in the design process

  • Simplification of design challenges

Reliaheat® Rapid Prototype Program

10 Heater Prototypes, 5-10 Days, $999

Base Offering Includes:

  • Any 2-D shape with dimensions up to 12” x 18”, including tail

  • Input voltage up to 50v

  • Any custom temperature in the range of 40⁰C – 110⁰C

  • Double-Sided Polymer Circuitry (D/SPC®) design

  • 3-5 mil laminate cover coat for electrical insulation and protection

  • 5-10 business day delivery following final design approval

  • Standard ZIF connectors

Optional Features (contact Reliatrace for pricing):

  • 2-D sizes with dimensions larger than 12” x 18”, including tail

  • Input voltage ranging from 50v – 115v

  • Multiple heat zones

  • Alternative substrate (base offering includes 5 mil PET)

  • Lamination cover coats thicker than 5 mils

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)

  • Alternative connector or interconnect solution (e.g., custom housing, AMP stakes)


Ready to get started with the design of your innovative Reliaheat® PTC heater prototype?

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